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 Special weekend retreat with Lama Willa Miller — Embodying Natural Awareness, Fri. April 19th – Sun. April 21st, 2019, Charlottesville, Va.

                                           Embodying Natural Awareness Retreat!

This human mind—it never seems to stop for a moment. One moment we are thinking about the past. The next we are worrying about the future. Rarely do we dwell in the present moment. But when we do, we begin to discover there is more to this mind than busy-ness and distraction. There is another dimension of the mind, called in the tradition of Buddhism “natural awareness”. Natural awareness is the mind that dwells in the vivid and spacious immediacy of the present moment.

To dwell in natural awareness takes training. In the tradition of Tibetan meditation practice, two paths are traveled side by side. One path—the non-dual traditions of Mahamudra and Dzogchen—emphasize sharpening and training the mind. Another path—the practices of Buddhist tantra—recognize the the power of the body to catalyze the fruits of awakening. As the Hevajra Tantra states, “Great wisdom lives in the body.” 

When we combine these two approaches, it is possible to access natural awareness not as an idea or concept, but as an embodied experience. In the process, we are invited into the possibility that the fruition of meditation practice is closer than we think. 

Join Lama Willa Miller for a weekend meditation retreat in which we explore techniques and approaches for becoming acquainted with natural awareness, as a lived experience.

Lama Willa’s teachings are appropriate for Buddhists and non-Buddhist participants, as well as beginners to experienced meditation practitioners.

To learn more about Lama Willa Miller, visit:  Natural Dharma Fellowship, or Wonderwell Mountain Refuge,

Retreat Details:

This retreat is being held at a lovely retreat setting, Akasha Retreat Center,, about 35 min. northwest of Charlottesville, with beautiful mountain views.  The retreat begins Friday, April 19th at 7:00 p.m.  There will be an optional dinner available at 5:30 p.m. and registration for the retreat will begin at 3:30 p.m.  The retreat will continue all day Sat. and end with a Sun. morning teaching, followed by lunch at noon.  Retreat registration includes all teachings, meals (2 dinners, 2 lunches & 2 breakfasts), drinks & snacks at breaks.  The fee for the retreat is $225. and the retreat deadline for being included in meals is Mon., April 8th.  There are a limited number of overnight double room accomodations available at the retreat site.  Please send e-mail below to check on current availability.

To Register for the Retreat, Send an e-mail to with “Retreat Registration” in subject line, to receive the registration form.  You can pay by pay-pal with the button below.  Simply put in the retreat fee of $225.

(Please note the retreat fee does not qualify as a donation for federal income tax purposes).

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