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Past Cultural Events

Lama Tashi Bapu
Tibetan Chant Master/Grammy nominee


Wesley Foundation Building, 1908 Lewis Mountain Road, across from U.Va.  Memorial Gym, at corner of Emmet Street, Charlottesville

Lama Tashi, a Tibetan master of sacred Buddhist chanting was nominated for a Grammy award in February.  He has toured internationally performing traditional Buddhist chants using the multiphonic "deep voice" techniques.

     This event will focus on a new project, being created with musician friends in Virginia, to transcribe into Western musical notation a number of chant & prayer melodies as sung by Lama Tashi in normal singing voice.  This event will be a performance of these mantras & prayer songs set to Western style harmonies, together with a live performance of the accompanying musical instruments--keyboard, sitar, recorder, flute, guitar, cello, bass, trombone & drum.  There will also be a teaching on the chants of compassion & wisdom.  Participants who would like to do the chants together with Lama Tashi & the musicians to bring peace and blessings to our troubled world are invited to arrive by 7:00 p.m. for a practice session.  All are welcome to attend!

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