A Sacred and Sound Approach to Happiness

This five session  series will be held on Sundays from 3:00 – 4:30 pm at The Center at Belvedere.  Lama Tashi will share his powerful chanting, lead a guided meditation and give teachings on each of the practices.  

Advance registration is requested for planning purposes; walk-ins are welcome. We are offering a two-tiered, registration structure to make this series as available as possible. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact us for details. Families welcome!  Individuals (18 and over)- please register at your level of support.

Please Note:  Registering for the entire 5 session series includes a 20% discount.

  • Entire series:  Benefactor — $120.
  • Entire series:  Standard —    $80.

Registration Options:

Send an e-mail to JTS108Va@gmail.com indicating what level you are registering for the series.  Please indicate the names of each person you are registering for.  Payment can then be made by: 

  1. Sending a check to Jefferson Tibetan Society, P.O. Box 874, Charlottesville, Va. 22902 or
  2. By PayPal — you can send your registration fee through PayPal by using our e-mail address:  JTS108Va@gmail.com, the PayPal QR code below, or the PayPal donate button.

If you prefer to pay by credit card, click here to register with the “Ticket” option at the bottom of the page, using Stripe as the payment method.





More Information About the Series

In Tibetan Buddhism, happiness is not based upon acquiring material wealth or external physical phenomena, but rather upon internal peace and contentment. This series incorporates ancient meditational practices and techniques discovered by Tibetan sages. These teachings provide powerfully effective and practical methods to cultivate a harmonious and tranquil state of mind.

Through working with mindfulness, affirmation, visualization, meditation, and mantra, Lama Tashi will guide us through authentic ancient teachings, practices, and techniques that will assist in the manifestation of true happiness rooted in a calm and peaceful state of being. In each session, Lama Tashi will focus on a different Tibetan deity that embodies a unique aspect of happiness. Lama Tashi’s powerful meditations and mantras will resonate at deep levels and facilitate exploration of the Three Gateways of Consciousness:

  • Mind – How to use esoteric mental techniques to understand the higher principles of lasting happiness
  • Body – How to use emotions through meditation and mindfulness to create inner harmony
  • Speech – How to use speech through recitation of mantra to achieve and manifest a blissful state of being

Each session will work with a different deity and mantra that will help us invoke and embody a new dimension of happiness. The potent exercises you will learn in this series will help you to:

  • Embody the essence of happiness as taught by a renowned Lama
  • Experience profound inner peace and harmony
  • Resonate with divine energies through mantra
  • Learn secret Tibetan techniques for higher consciousness
  • Develop practices for mindfulness and deep states of meditation
  • Empower yourself through visualization and vocalization
  • Receive knowledge to transmute stress and suffering
  • Enhance compassion and wisdom for yourself and others
  • Reduce your stress, stimulate deep relaxation and enhance your health

Click on the links above or on the right side of this page for more information about each session and to register for individual sessions in the series.